Cybersecurity training programs Specialization in health systems

The program operates in a unique collaboration with Alta's cyber factory from the Aerospace Industry.

Cybersecurity Professional Development and Practical Training in an Advanced Simulator for cyber professions

Remote control of medical imaging devices, disruption of results, and management of databases, and tests. And the realization of futuristic advancements in healthcare and medicine is no longer confined to the realm of imagination.

"Health sector organizations face significant vulnerability to cyber attacks, making them a prime target". But not everyone can understand it. it. "Health organizations are prime targets for cyber attacks, with the frequency and intensity of these attacks increasing yearly. This underscores the urgent necessity for proactive and thorough preparation measures."

Eliav Nouri, Head of the Department of Economic Orientation in the National Cyber System at the Microsport Israel Conference, on cyber protection in the health sector.

ICCP, in cooperation with the cyber system of Elta Systems from the Aerospace Industry, They developed for the first time in Israel, a comprehensive program for training information security and cyber experts in the health sector.

Huge demands For experts in the field in a wide variety of organizations in the health sector Health sector public and private

Working with the TAME Range the most advanced cyber range in the world from Alta (the aerospace industry) Which trains armies and countries all over the world on real scenarios and real systems!

Senior lecturers from the cyber industry and the field of defense on Medical and health organizations digital in Israel and in the world

Security solutions Information for instruments and equipment medical, protections for BIG DATA is a value and medical records and more

Preparation for certification the most technologies are requested and required in the cyber world and information security

The outstanding ones will be included in a variety of ICCP projects in Israel and around the world!

on us

The International Center for Cyber Professions (ICCP) offers a variety of popular courses and provides training for the most advanced professional certificates in the world.

  • The Training Director of the Ministry of Finance
  • The Director of Training of the Technological College of the Communications and Cyber Corps
  • Operates the largest technological college in Israel in cooperation with Elta
  • Constructs technological incubators in the largest academic colleges in Israel
  • Operates the placement system for the unemployed in the Israeli Employment Service
  • Has a huge network of employer connections
    Approved exclusively in Israel by the EC – Council
    Operates dozens of projects for cyber professions with the Israeli Ministry of Defense

The training program prepares for international certification exams The most wanted in the industry!


As part of the course, the main subjects required for the CEH certification of the Council-EC will be studied. Among other things, they will learn attack methodologies, Hacking Systems, Ethical Hacking Introduction, and Malware. Also, the vouchers required for the exam are discounted


In the course, communication networks are studied at an in-depth level, and you also receive books and reference materials to prepare for the exam CCNA's CISCO.

of Linux Administrator + LPIC

In the course, Linux is studied from the basic level to an advanced level, and the students receive useful reference materials Preparation for these certification exams.


NSE has a series of exams. The exams are free, some of them we will take during the course and some more Students will be able to access independently with the assistance and guidance of the course in the relevant modules


Penetration in the subject is an eJPT (eLearnSecurity Junior Penetration Tester) exam Testing The certification is recognized in the industry as a valuable qualification for PT Juniors. For it proves that there is The candidate has the knowledge and skills to perform penetration tests.


The National Digital Array and the Cyber Education Center launched a course on Python with certification at the end. The exam deals with the main topics of the Python language that are studied in the course and you can take the exam the external for an additional certificate in Python.

In this program, the students will learn the most innovative subjects and will also be trained for recognized international certifications in the field of defense The information will specialize in the protection and prevention of malicious attacks on hospitals and medical centers.


Foundational subjects: Information Security, Network Management, and Cyber Essentials // Additional subjects such as: Linux, Cisco, SIEM-SOC, Python Programming // Preparation for the most important International Certification Exams // Hands-on training with the IAI-TAME Range Cyber simulator

Duration of the course

600 hours of theoretical and practical study, including practical experience in the TAME Range cyber range in collaboration with Elta - The Aerospace Industry.
Specialization in the field of cyber defenses in the health sector - 50 academic hours more

Certificate of completion and qualification

Those who successfully meet the course requirements will receive the following certificates:
Graduated from the cyber and information security course - certificate from the unit for foreign studies and the cyber division of the Aerospace Industry - Elta Systems //
Those who pass the international exam will receive an international certificate - CEH

Record sessions

Bonus meeting on behalf of the Director of the National Cyber System on Hacking Organizations
A practical workshop for building resumes for the cyber and high-tech industry

Admission requirements

12 years of study // Admission Committee

Program requirements

85% attendance in classes at least // passing grade in both theoretical and practical exams

Specializing in cyber defenses in the health industry

The field of health, biomedicine, and at the forefront of the various health organizations, are often at the forefront of the technological changes and developments we have witnessed in recent years. Starting with the progress of the treatment and surgery rooms, the use of advanced robots for medical procedures, the implantation of medical-technological devices in the body of patients, the use of advanced information systems to manage data, information, and medical records, cloud services for software, applications, digital health and much more. These innovations create substantial risks concerning the security and confidentiality of information on the one hand, and the disruption of medical procedures at the same time. Exposure of medical information or access by malicious parties to devices in the medical service may lead to threatening scenarios for systems that are not prepared for this. For these reasons and more, some regulatory standards and requirements are intended for the management of information systems to reduce as much as possible future attacks.

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