ICCP: Fundamentals of Cybersecurity

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Our Cybersecurity course, based on the TAME Range Cyber Training Platform

skill level

Beginner -expert

lessons time

40 hours

Professional certification


edX Online Course – Bring your goals into focus!

Our edX Online course –
Begin your journey into the realm of Cybersecurity with our premier course, built around the TAME Range Cyber Training and Simulation Platform. This state-of-the-art learning environment – developed by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)

in association with – world-class universities and companies

Why Choose This Course?

Real-World Scenarios and Simulations: TAME Range simulates a wide array of Cyber threats, from malware and advanced persistent threats (APT) to DDoS attacks. This range of scenarios allows students to develop a broad set of skills, preparing them for a multitude of Cyber challenges.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving: The dynamic nature of the Cyber scenarios in the TAME Range Simulation Platform challenge students to think on their feet and develop creative problem-solving skills.

Confidence in Handling Real Threats: After training on a platform that simulates real-world threats so closely, students build confidence in their ability to handle actual Cybersecurity challenges in their professional careers.

Syllabus -

5 - Modules • 54 Lessons


Introduction to Cybersecurity

introducion to security | information security
CIA Triad – Integrity | Confidentiality | Availability
Goverance & Risk Managment
Compliance – HIPPA | SOX


Networking Fundamentals

Network Segmentation
NIST – Cyber Framwork
VPN – overview
Compliance – HIPPA | SOX


Operating Systems

Opereting Systems
Operating Systems- Windows vs Linux



Python Scripting Part I
Python Scripting Part II
Python Scripting Part III


TAME Range - Train The Trainer

Associated skills:

Cyber Threat Intelligence | Adaptability | Leadership | Simulations | Resilience | Decision Making | Problem Solving, Cyber Security | Creative Problem-Solving | Critical Thinking | White Space Development

Cyber Security course in collaboration with IAI-ELTA Systems Guidance and support from our career development TAME Range Cyber Simulation Training from the Cyber Security Expert advice from our career counselors help you secure your first position ICCP is an Official EC-Council Accredited Training Center

Embark on Your Cybersecurity Journey Today!

We offer students a comprehensive, real-world, hands-on cyber education, ensuring they are well prepared to face the dynamic challenges in the professional field of Cybersecurity.

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