The International Center for Cyber ​​Professions

The ICCP empowers international universities and professional training institutions to offer students exceptional, practical cybersecurity training on nation-state level cyber defense organizations.

Our Goal Is to enable our partner institutions and their students to not only meet but surpass international standards.

ICCP’s Cyber Security Course
Fundamentals of Cybersecurity with the TAME Range Training Platform
ICCP’s Cyber Security Course
Fundamentals of Cybersecurity with the TAME Range Training Platform
IAI-ELTA Systems
A fully interactive, state-of-the-art cybersecurity environment
TAME™ Range cyber center
advanced cyber competency center, provided as a turnkey solution


Our exclusive partnership with the Israeli Aerospace Industry’s TAME Cyber Range provides students with unparalleled opportunities to practice defending complex organizational networks against realistic cyber-attacks.

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“Build international alliances to establish local Cyber Security training institutes.”

Comprehensive remote and in-person courses ranging from 100-300 hours, designed for diverse student proficiency levels. These offerings cover everyone from beginners to experienced cybersecurity professionals.
Provide exclusive access to IAI’s (largest Israeli defense contractor) TAME Cyber Range for hands-on experience in cyber security defense.

Prepare students for leading international certifications, such as CCNA, CEH, CISSP, CPENT, etc.

Our instructors are graduates from Israel Defense Force (IDF) technological units and experienced practitioners in the cybersecurity industry. We also offer a “Train the Trainer” program for local instructors. ​

IAI - Israel Aerospace Industries Cyber Division

A Gateway to Israel's Innovative Cybersecurity Ecosystem

Established in 1953, the government-owned company stands as the foremost Defense and Aerospace leader in Israel. With a global reach spanning over 90 countries, it specializes in developing and manufacturing advanced systems for the Israel Defense Forces as well as catering to foreign customers worldwide. Their expertise extends across the Space, Air, Land, Sea, and Cyber domains, where they continuously pioneer cutting-edge technologies and provide innovative solutions. As a dynamic organization, They are actively engaged in both the defense and commercial markets, solidifying our position as a trusted industry leader.


Our partnership with the government cyber enterprise, Elta, is expanding, and about a month ago the simulator, which is ranked third in the world, was moved to the college complex to deepen the development and connection and to integrate the advanced tool in the cyber world deep within our entire technology course division.
Hear how Esti Peshin, director of Alta’s cyber plant, describes the cooperative:

“At the unit for foreign studies, we view it as an exercise of power for two compelling reasons. Firstly, our pedagogical prowess enables us to craft English course content of the highest quality and deliver it with utmost excellence. And secondly, there are instances when you, our amazing students, know our coach better than we do!”

The ICCP is committed to developing tailored, state-of-the-art cyber security training programs through strategic partnerships with esteemed local educational institutions worldwide. Our agile approach allows us to expedite the launch of new collaborations, to initiate joint ventures as swiftly as two months following the initial meeting.

Introduction to Cybersecurity​
• Overview of cybersecurity concepts, terminologies, and roles in the industry.
• CIA triad (confidentiality, integrity, availability).
• Governance
• Risk Management and Compliance Principles.
Networking Fundamentals
• SubNetting.
• Routing, and network protocols.
• Familiarize yourself with network devices and their functions.
Operating Systems
• Windows.
• Linux.
• Understand user and file permissions
• Risk Management and Compliance Principles.
• Process management, and security features
Introduction to Security Technologies
• intrusion detection systems (IDS).

• intrusion prevention systems (IPS). • Study VPNs • Antivirus software, and endpoint security solution.

• Python scripting.
Overview of cybersecurity concepts
Governance & Risk Management
Confidentiality, integrity, availability
Introduction to Security Technologies
Network devices and their functions

"Through a strategic collaboration with the ICCP, your educational institution will unlock unparalleled benefits, including a world-class cybersecurity curriculum, renowned instructors, and a sustainable framework for fostering local expertise. This transformative partnership will establish your organization as a frontrunner in cybersecurity education, empowering students with the essential knowledge and skills to thrive in the ever-changing landscape, while effectively meeting the escalating global demand for highly skilled professionals."

Market and Partner Analysis

We research and analyze your organization, your students, and the job market to meet your unique needs and achieve results.

Designing a Tailored Solution

Select courses strategically from our extensive catalog to empower your institution and your students in achieving educational goals.

Launching the Courses with ICCP Instructors

Our experienced ICCP instructors will lead the cyber security courses, laying a strong foundation for your program in the first 2-3 years.

Train the Trainer

Identify and recruit local candidates for our Train the Trainer program. Graduates will assume leadership roles, sharing knowledge and leveraging ICCP materials in future courses.

ICCP’s Cyber Security Course Offering

  • Our three study tracks: Including Cyber defense, penetration Testing, and Digital Forensics. These disciplines are essential and highly in-demand in the cybersecurity field.
  • Our carefully crafted learning paths:
    Our Cyber Oriented Administrator courses complement each student’s current expertise level, propelling them from beginners to skilled professionals and expert practitioners.
  • All our courses make use of IAI’s TAME RANGE
    “Empowering students with invaluable hands-on experience to complement their theoretical knowledge.”

The International Center for Cyber Professions (ICCP)


Together, TESI – ICCP and IAI Cyber Division jointly lead the International Center for Cyber Professions (ICCP), offering comprehensive study programs for top international certifications and real-world simulations on the IAI-ELTA TAME Range Cyber Training Platform.

  • EC-Council: An American company and the world’s largest cybersecurity technical certification body, operating in 145 countries. Certifications are endorsed by the U.S. Department of Defense, the National Security Agency, the Committee on National Security Systems, and GCHQ United Kingdom.

  • IAI-ELTA Systems TAME Range: A fully interactive, state-of-the-art cybersecurity environment, simulating real-world cyber scenarios with continuously updated intruder profiles, drawing from the ongoing research of IAI’s R&D experts.

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